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01 January 2009 @ 12:00 am
blogcrew claims ;; yunho 01  
Belong to me
Because t o n i g h t
You make my world feel right.

Hey || Yunho ||,
you're comin' —» h o m e «— with me tonight.

[[YUNHO]] said;
"You were the FIRST to touch my ,

And everything is right again with your extraordinary love "

I got so weak when [[Yunho]] looked at me
I got lost inside his eyes

Sometimes the magic is HARD to believe
But [[Yunho]]'s here before my very eyes
He brought joy to my world
Set me so free
and he whispered to me;

"You're every breath that I breathe "

You want me,
You've fallen for me,
You're crazy over me
You're my slave,
I got you under my skin

There's one in this world for everyone
One heart, one touch
One soul to walk besides you
One in this life to share your love
To touch the heart inside you
Wanna reach for each night
JUNG YUNHO, You're the one
The one in this world for me

You're my sweet cup of tea, YUNHO

” I, tytta-chan , will give
to you, ELAINE
But only if you promise to love him until your death...


'Cuz I can't stop thinkin' about U Yunho

→ My soulmate is [JUNG YUNHO] @ The Soulmate Blogcrew ♥

We exchanged both rings & thoughts together
I swore I'd stay without leaving
We kiss, we cuddle close
We make certain we love each other
From now on, we'll make sure we live together
We'll always be a pair
We'll stay together forever

Near [Yunho]'s birthday
I asked for him what he would like to get to birthday present
He said; "All I need is your endless love".

You mean everything to me.

I'm nothing without you, my babe~

One beautiful night,
when the rain didn't stop,
under the shared umbrella,
Yunho said that;
”I will tell you my feelings properly today.
I love you almost too much..

And then he kissed me

JUNG YUNHO is my best friend~ ♥
... and maybe more~(。◕‿◕。)♥♥♥

♥♥♥ I am the official paparazzi of JUNG YUNHO ♥♥♥

The memories with you are beautiful

never let you go~


YUNHO took my hand in his and said:
"I wonder if it’s okay for me to fall in love with you?"
All I could do was smile and nod before
he kissed me softly on the lips.

"ELAINE, kiss me and you will see stars.
But if you love me, sweetheart,
I will give them to you."

YUNHO & I were sharing a sundae, when he said
"Baby, you know what would make this day even sweeter is a...
chocolate-covered YOU!"

[you and i]
{this is our song}

[YUNHO] told me that the best
gift I ever gave him was
my heart

I'm so in love with you that I
had to draw it out and show you

Yunho makes my heart spin~

Even if I scream and jump up,
you can't see me baby...

♥You know you're my idol♥
I don't care,
I'll become wonderful ~

☆Wanna be your idol!!☆

I'm always parked in front of the fan
Because even on the c o l d e s t days
{YUNHO} never fails to make me

{Elaine}, if time stops...
I will keep waiting for you forever...

the sweetest lines my {Yunho}
told me.

Yunho and I got into a serious fight last night
and i went to the other room to have some time for my self.

while i was sleeping, i can feel someone holding my hands...
and crying while saying to me:

"even if i throw our memories away,
i just can't forget it like that.
i want to see you smiling everyday...
and i want to keep you right here.

cause baby, you're my sun, my moon...
you're my everything

I love you baby"

...and i myself was surprised when i felt tears falling from my eyes.
when i woke up, i looked at him...
and hugged him tightly while crying and saying..

"i'm sorry too. i love you so much.
you're my everything."

that's how we made up. ♥

The first time [ Yunho ] kissed me,

He told me that what he felt for me wasn’t just infatuation after all.

It was L O V E.


my keyboard smashing love is 》Jung Yunho《

every time i gaze upon you, it's love
without a shadow of doubt
In your smile, in my smile
let's search for that dream meant only for us

there are times, {Yunho}, i wish i had never set eyes on you,
because every look makes me fall in love with you more,
and make it so i cannot live without you.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Yunho, my life began with you ... and it will end with you

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Yunho, if you ever feel insecure about yourself i'll make you feel beautiful... ill kiss every millimeter of your body til you feel it!

i love...
the silly faces you make,
the sound of your voice when you wake,
the warmth of your touch when you hold me tight,
the way you say you're sorry a million times when you made a mistake
...and when you look me deep in the eyes and say:
"i love you, Elaine, and i need you always"

A king ain't a king
Without the p o w e r behind the throne
A prince is a pauper babe,
Without a c h i c k to call his own
So please darling choose me
I don't wanna rule a l o n e
Photobucket (Yunho) Photobucket

They say it's a man's world
Well, that cannot be denied
But what g o o d s a man's world
Without a woman by your side?

Hey Yunho take me off the shelf
'Cause it's hard playing by yourself
Once you've browsed through the whole selection
Shake those h i p s in my direction

I got you under my skin YUNHO

I’m waiting for YUNHO only
The slightest touch and I feel weak
I cannot lie
From you I cannot hide
And I’m losing will to try
Can’t hide it
Can’t fight it
Leave me breathless. ♥

[Yunho & Elaine]
Let our creative juices flow,
creating a song just for the two of us.
Our love song.
Because together,
we are more than we are apart.

I see Yunho, I squee...and glomp my computer screen. XD

[Yunho] sang to me...
I will always be your friend
I know who you are inside
I am with you till the end
Never far behind.

[Yunho & Elaine]
There are things that just drift away,
Just like our endless numbered days.
But to spend them all with Yunho,
Would make our ★eternity★
Like heaven.

Exactly because I can't buy them with money
Treasures that can be expressed by feelings
I'll say it in words, ”Happy Birthday”
Without feeling embarrassed at exactly 12 midnight

[Yunho] and me got married yesterday,
and, this was his pledge,

" I, [Yunho], hereby pledged,
in front of all the guests, family members and friends
that i would love [Elaine],
with all my heart,
because, she is MY ONLY ONE."

And on the wedding night, after our love making,
[Yunho] whispered to me,
"Marrying you is the second best thing that ever happened in my life..
But, loving you.. is the best of all~

When you look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you love me.
Everything's alright,
When you're right here by my side

Laying in the flowers with BlinkiesYUNHOBlinkies is all I want to do Blinkies

Yunho's as bad as coffee Blinkies
I can't live without him

I knew Yunho was something special
When he spoke my name
Now I can't wait
To see Yunho again

Screw Red Bull! Jung Yunho gives me better wings

mini gif Jung Yunho’s the reason I’m broke mini gif

My heart was Yunho’s from the beginning Blinkies

It started with a Hello and ended with I love you
˜ Yunho ˜

[Yunho] and [Elaine] are

YunHo and I share our ice creams

Through rain or shine, Yunho's by my side.

birthday cake icon
Yunho POPPED out of my birthday cake in nothing but a bow tie.

Wedding bells rang as the Minister said:
{Yunho} and {Elaine}, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”
and as {Yunho’s} lips touched mine I knew our life together was going to be perfect.

Life takes VISA
I take Yunho

YUNHO is my body-candy.

» YUNHO « is my eye-candy.

{ Yunho }
love is like the s u n coming out of the c l o u d s and warming our souls

Your sexy smile, The sound of your voice,
The magic in your eyes. I love your gentle touch.
And the warmth I feel at your side.
I love dreaming about you.
I love you. I love every little thing about you.

×— I tried to be chill,
but » YUNHO's « so hot
that I melted.

if Yunho ever looked
inside my diary, all they'd see
would be their name
over and over again

Yunho sang to me...
Don't forget the vow we swore,
You're more precious than anyone else,
Let's fulfill our dreams a little at a time...

We walk through eternity,
From now on we'll surely be together.
I hold you close to my heart,
My feelings are constant, except for this...
"I love you"

{ Yunho }
I need you, despite the fact
that you've killed all my plants

serious puppy love~

YUNHO'S kisses
taste like candy

I wore my favorite dress on a
date with YUNHO, and he
said he loved it, but that he'd love
it even more on his bedroom floor...

I can't let you go.
Not even for a
minute , not even for a second.
This is

Being stuck in the elevator with 「YUNHO」 is fun!